How do you get your wife to accept your sex doll?

What is that one thing that makes the relationship between lovers truly special? ‘Intimacy,’ the fact that as someone whom you love, you can open up to them about anything.

Of course, with time when your relationship starts to unfold, when you are able to trust, the emotional intimacy and the capacity to be transparent to your partner, takes the relationship to a whole new dimension.

We would dare to say that such a relationship is blissful and has the capacity to endure and establish a lasting bond.

As a husband when you want to take the lead to bring in a sex doll into your relationship with your wife, this is possible when the bond and the intimacy between the both of you is favorable.

There could be many reasons why you as a husband would feel the need to have a sex doll in your marriage, prominently when you want your wife to be acceptable of this fact but remember that the new entrant would change the chemistry, so let the influence be ‘a drive’ that you both find emotionally or even physically satisfying.

If you love your wife & want that things between the both of you remain as good as they have been or rather only get better, than begin by having a conversation with your wife about your evolved desires and needs. Let your emotions, with conviction soak into her heart to eventually open up to the idea that having a sex doll in your marriage can do a whole lot good to you as a couple.

The dynamics of your relationship with your wife must not shift, it may feel like, by keeping it discreet ‘your relationship with your sex doll’ your chemistry with your wife will be the same (this applies to couples, deeply involved and emotional for each other) but the positive impact a sex doll can have on you will instantly be noticed by your wife, this will make her thoughtful, hence it is crucial that she should know and be accepting about your decision to have a sex doll in your marriage.

Here is a list of methods that will be helpful to you, to get your wife to accept your sex doll:

  • Let it at first be a casual discovery: the best way to introduce your thought of having a sex doll or introducing your existing sex doll to your wife can be around that casual, light, fun evening, when the both of you may be are sipping on some drinks. Create the right moment and opportunity to open up to her, start a topic around sex toys in a casual way and get to know about her take on them. Then when she expresses herself around the topic, you can slightly brush on the topic and speak about your doll or aspiration to have one. Don’t make this a conversation, just keep it an opening to get her reaction.

  • Make her feel that nothing has changed about your personality: your wife should not feel weird about you having a sex doll or your desire to have one. She must find your personality to be the same, the guy she loves. Make the conversation genuine, make it sound normal, make it sound like it changes nothing about how you feel about her.

  • Don’t judge her desires: you can’t be expecting your wife to be open and accepting about your sex doll when you don’t find the capacity in you to be open about her sex toy collection or desires. Prepare yourself to what she might open up about when you share with her, you can’t be silly and jealous and except her to be absolutely fine about your choice of having a sex doll.

  • Pick up the perfect moment: plan this well, don’t just bring it up all of a sudden if you want it to work. Put yourself in the situation, think of all the possible reactions you would come up with if your wife had to break it to you. This way you can keep nudging on the topic, time and again during the course of your day-to-day conversation with your wife and then eventually plan that evening (the first pointer in the article) where you open up casually.

  • You having a sex doll should sound reasonable to your wife: don’t make your reason for having a sex doll sound like something has been lacking in her. Be extremely careful, don’t let the truth her be blunt, rather let it be shaped into a version that won’t cause a damage but sound like a reasonable affair. Here are a few examples that might be helpful or help you gain perspective:“I got it as a gift from a friend, out of curiosity I tried once and it felt good. I just wanted to be honest to you about it.”“part of the survey, I was asked to try, to be honest it felt great.”Try not to bring up any reason that might sound strange, tone up your own reason in a way that it should sound casual, its not that you should have to lie, its just that some people need more time to be accept.

  • Don’t over think: overthinking will make you sound weird & creepy, exactly what you want to avoid. Rather, sound easy going, in the end it is a sex toy and not that you are having an affair. Do not prolong your initial conversation around it, just move on by brushing on the topic.

  • Takes owners: in the end when it comes to a hearty conversation, as casual as you may sound about having a sex doll to your partner, also tell her that it is your decision based upon the fact that you are able to draw fun out of the experience. Go a step ahead and suggest her that, she can try it too as it is a lot fun. Own it up in a way that sounds you enjoy the experience by not belittling your partner in anyway, this can possibly get her involved too in the experience.

  • Introducing your sex doll: this is where we plan to get right? As time comes when finally, your partner is ready and asks you to make her see the doll, you want to do it in a way, maintaining the over all built up ‘casual’.Definitely, don’t have the doll all dressed up, rather have the doll disconnected in parts. Your partner should get the feeling that it is a lifeless object and not a ‘competition’ Do not tell your wife that the doll has a name right in the first meeting, also let your wife get the feel that the doll has not been used in a long time, this is the perfect set up that you can create to introduce your wife to your sex doll.

Mailovedoll will provide you with detailed steps on how to get your wife to accept your sex doll

Let’s have a look at some general specifications that will be quite helpful to introduce your sex doll to your wife, you may apply these steps determining the right time, when you feel that your wife must know. Your confidence and readiness are crucial to go ahead and break the news to her:

Step 1

Talk it over – keep brining up the topic casually about how couples are trying unconventional ways of experimenting in their sex lives. Let her know about a few articles that you have read about couples using a sex doll in their marriage and wait for her reaction. By doing this, you are prepping her up and eventually you will be successful in making your wife accept your sex doll.

Through the casual discussion you will be able to first understand the readiness of your partner to accept your sex doll & secondly be certain about how you are going to accomplish this. Understand that majorly there are two factors that are road block to make your wife accept your sex doll.

First, this will be a complete surprise to her about your personality (we have already shared much to deal with this barrier, through casual conversation). Second, her own psychological barriers, she has no clue about the positive impact it can have on her sex life with you.

Step 2

So, lets look at all the advantages you can talk about with your wife, to break the psychological barriers. Feed her by creating curiosity, get her excited with your conversation about how the sex doll can be a medium of pleasure for her and not as much for you. Tell her how, you will initially be the third person in the game, while she explores her sexuality with the doll, an absolute wild card.

Once her curiosity is triggered, she would want to know more, you must be well prepared to make it exciting, to make her feel the beginning of an orgasm she is yet to have. The potential of how excited you can get her around the topic is massive and your imagination can be limitless, read as much content as available on the internet where in couples use a sex doll to pleasure them both.

Step 3

It’s going to be easy when you want the doll to be a part of your relationship for the both of you, all you have to do is make your wife see that part about what she would be missing. That’s all that it’s going to take to have things started, throughout the process you got to be confident and proud of the fact that you value intimacy that you and your wife share.

You are being honest, valuing the relationship you have under the bond of marriage. Conventional approach towards sexuality and relationships is a prime aspect why marriage and relationship fail, when a partner is so ridged around how things should be, this thought will keep getting inflicted by reality check time and again.

To find yourself in the spectrum of a structure where someone should act out a certain way and do things in a certain manner to please one’s ego is already a failed structure.

In the larger context, a successful marriage or relationship will work when couples believe in just being honest and accepting for the sake of love. Love where you value each other’s companionship because it is comforting and nurtures your personality, surly not because you think your partner has to be & do things the way you expect.

Now put your sex doll in the context of this philosophy and check how practical and convenient it is to convince your wife that the sex doll will only enhance the adventure of your sex life and your marriage.

In the end

To wrap up the article, let’s get a crazy perspective about the partners we live with. We got to understand that everyone has a kink, how much do we talk about it in the marriage?

All we know about our partners is the obvious that the society or the culture we dwell in has framed for us. Give it a thought, have you ever tried to make your partner feel comfortable about sharing their weird side? Afterall, this is intimacy, right?

This is what marriage should be all about, to have a comfortable space of sharing, to make that effort when you love someone to see that part of you that wants to be with them by helping understand and understanding what is know at large as weird.

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