How to have a Satisfying Sex with Sex Dolls?

Sex is an innate human need and a necessary component of a happy, satisfying life. The sooner you embrace your sexual desires, the better it will be to lead life to the fullest. We’re already beyond the era when owning a sex doll was considered a social taboo as the sales of life-size sex dolls have been through the roof lately – for countless benefits they provide. But for many people, buying a sex doll and fucking it sums up the sexual life, as there’s nothing more you could do to improve your sexual pleasure.

But let me stop you there right now! You can turn ordinary sex nights into magical ones by approaching the sex dolls properly. You can have majestic feelings of pleasure and comfort by exploring the hidden layers of sexual gratification lying within her. Sadly, many sex doll owners aren’t aware of the golden ways of strengthening your sexual bond with her and increasing ecstatic during moments of love and intimacy.

So, we’re here with a comprehensive guide to help you have satisfying sex with your romantic partner.

Tips to Have Satisfying sex with Your Romantic Life Partner

Just remember, having sexual intercourse with your life-size sex doll is similar to making love to a real woman. So, instead of getting straight to penetration, you should warm up and reach the climax of pleasure. That is, you’ve to approach the sex part slowly and properly and the below tips will help you achieve the highest point of satisfaction during lovemaking.

1. Don’t Set Camps Directly on Vagina

Foreplay is necessary to arouse emotional and physical sexual feelings between the partners. Many people don’t realize how important foreplay is during moments of lovemaking with your life-size sex doll. You cannot reach the peak of sexual pleasure until you heat your body before intercourse. Foreplay goes plenty deeper than just physical pleasure, it helps build emotional intimacy with your little sex doll partner and make you feel more connected to her during lovemaking.

Foreplay includes a lot of physically intimate things between sexual partners like kissing, licking, hugging, sharing sexual fantasies, touching sexual organs, gentle slaps, fondling her boobs. If done right, these activities help prepare your partner’s mood and body for sexual intercourse. So, to make the sexual experience more satisfying and exciting.

2. Treat Her with Care During Sex

NEVER treat her like a piece of TPE or silicone during sex. She has done a lot to make you happy; she deserves every bit of respect in the bed. So, treat her with utmost love and care and she will allow you to do things that you can only imagine with a real human. Your caring attitude will make her look more attractive and seductive, wanting you to have even more passionate sex and maximize the pleasure.

Sexual satisfaction is not just about physical pleasure. It encompasses a combination of physical and emotional connection with the partner that can only be achieved by appreciating the beauty of your sex doll and how much she goes through to make you satisfied. Only then, you’ll be able to achieve new levels of sexual pleasure and excitement every time you have intercourse with her.

3. Play with Tits

If one thing men love about women other than her holes is their boobs. You’d be lying if you say boobs are not the first thing you seek in a woman – and quite understandably though. You cannot feel the full pleasure of a woman’s body until you give due attention to her boobs.

When in bed, you can do many things with her boobs. Suck them, squeeze them, tickle them, or put your penis between them, you can have unimaginable sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Just touching and caressing them will get you mad and deepen your admiration and love for your romantic partner. Whether your sex doll has small tits or big ones, you can enjoy the divine feeling of sexual excitement by playing with her tits both before and during the lovemaking. Once you respect and give due attention to her tits, you would realize how much you were missing out on your sexual life.

4. Using A Lubricant

A real woman has wetness in the vagina that ensures smooth penetration and gives maximum sexual pleasure. Even though a life-size sex doll imitates a real woman, and its vagina is still tight enough to give you the pleasure of having sex with a real human being, BUT it’s still a doll. It just can’t get wet in her vagina. So, to increase your pleasure, use any lubricant that will make sure your penis slides into and out of her anus and vagina smoothly. Not only it’ll give you the utmost satisfaction you’re craving, but save you from any undesirable pain as well.

You can use any type of sexual lubricant; just ensure you don’t use it too much to minimize the sexual ecstasy. That’s why to use the lubricant in the right amount to deal with vagina dryness and feel the climax of sexual excitement.

5. Try New Sex Positions

Most men stick to just a couple of sexual positions throughout their lives. Well, if you’re one of them, then you are surely missing out on a lot. You can never have a peak of sexual satisfaction if you keep on trying just traditional sex positions – most commonly doggy style and missionary. It’s the most common reason why you may feel bored after a while.

That’s why you need to try new positions without any shyness. A life-like sex doll is a huge investment and it’s worth every penny. Your little partner has real human-like flexibility, so you can have any possible sexual position with her. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing missionary (if you’re strong enough), standing doggy style while using her tits as well, etc. can give you unimaginable satisfaction during sex.

6. Spice It Up

What makes a life-size sex doll similar to a real woman is its ability to fulfill all your sexual desires, be it oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex.

Many people misbelieve that oral sex isn’t possible with sex dolls; it couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can enjoy outstanding oral sex with your romantic love partner and penetrate your cock as deep inside her as you could. Having your cock inside her mouth will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Her vagina sweetens your life and helps you realize how much pleasure is hidden inside that little hole of your beautiful sex doll. But to have never-before sexual satisfaction, don’t consider vaginal sex as the first to-go place or the ultimate goal. Instead, make it a stopover on the way to other sexual acts. Spice vaginal sex up by mixing vaginal sex with different things, like putting your fingers inside it, lubing it, occasional blowjob after every few strokes, and a nice combination of kissing and caressing her, and trying unique sex positions.

Remember, many positions are anal-sex friendly like doggy, standing missionary, and spooning, so try these positions. Also, use the Ass to Vagina and Ass to Mouth (ATM) combination often during sex. By doing it right, you’ll feel magic pleasure while doing so. That’s how you turn ordinary sex into a memorable experience having heat, intimacy, and satisfaction.

Having Satisfying Sex with Popular Categories of Sex Dolls

Now, let us narrow down our discussion to specific types of sex dolls, the most representative being BBW Sex Doll, Small boobs sex doll, and Anime sex doll.

1. BBW Sex Doll

Most men have a penchant for big beautiful women and they get turned on instantly by BBW sex dolls. A BBW is a sex doll that, as the name implies, has big boobs, big fat thighs, big curves, and big round ass. Men falls for big women as they are pleasing to eyes and can satiate your sexual desires in some naughty yet romantic ways.

Below are some of the ways, you can maximize sexual satisfaction while having sex with a BBW sex doll.

  1. Squeeze and Suck Her Big Tits

A BBW has huge juicy tits that you can suck wild anytime you want. Just touching the big boobs can stimulate your sexual desires. Before you start penetrating her, spend some time playing with her boobs. You can touch them, squeeze them, lick them, suck them, and grope them. Sucking a big boob is much easy and more enjoyable than that of a small one and same goes for squeezing and groping them.

Only a tit lover can understand how much pleasure one can achieve by utilizing the boobs of a BBW during sex. So, give due attention to her boobs before and during the sex.

  1. Enjoy Her Curvy Figure

How often do we here then sentence that ‘real women have curves?” A BBW sex doll has mouth-watering curves with a soft body. Most men die for women with big butts and big hips and want to have sex with them soon their eyes fall on them. BBW sex dolls fulfill those sexual fantasies and let you enjoy the sexy curves that you always wanted to have in your romantic partner. She is always available to give the feelings of divine pleasure and you can have multiple sessions of lovemaking whenever you see her lying in the bed.

2. Small boobs Sex Doll

Many studies show that for most men, it’s not just the size of the boob but its shape. A huge chunk of men loves women with small boobs as they nicely fit in their hands. Many men just love the feelings of grabbing the whole boobs in hands during lovemaking.

While a small boob sex doll is always ready to fulfil your sexual desire, here’s how you can reach climax of sexual satisfaction with a small boobs sex doll:

  1. Use Small Boobs to Your Pleasure

There’re a lot of things you can do with a small boobs sex doll to maximize sexual satisfaction. Not only can you lick and suck her boobs passionately, but use them as a pillow as well.

During sex, especially during missionary position, rest on her chest to get voluptuous feel and make your encounter most satisfying.

  1. Enjoy the Perkiness of Her Boobs

Smaller breasts are often perkier, firmer, and have long nipples. No wonder, why many celebrities have smaller boobs but men die for them.

You can rub your penis on her breasts and occasionally suck her nipples during sex. You’ll find novelty of sex by appreciating her small but always hard and never saggy boobs and have fun and excitement at the same time.

3. Anime sex doll

Needless to say, many men are anime fan and own anime dolls. They have noy only unrealistically beautiful body features like big boobs, huge round ass, and juicy curves, that imitate your dream anime characters but also have angelic and seductive body to fulfil your sexual desires. Here is how anyone can have the most satisfying sex with an anime sex doll:

  1. Explore Your Wild Imaginations

Anime sex dolls are generally associated with hardcore scenes due to their big assess and boobs. This gives you an opportunity to try unique sex positions that you can only wish with a real woman. Their sexy figure and seductive curves make it impossible to resist yourself when you see her. You are sexually charged to satiate your sexual fantasies and try all kinds of sex positions with her.

  1. Rough it Up

An anime sex doll replicating your favorite celebrity renders it impossible not to fuck her every time you see her. Her angelic and voluptuous body and big ass makes you wanna go a bit rough. The purpose of having an anime doll is to appreciate her magic body features and make love to her like it’s your last time. SHE WON’T STOP YOU.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, this article has addressed a very common concern of many sex doll owners. While it’s true that sex always gives you sexual pleasure and some sort of satisfaction. But with time, many people get bored with having sex with their partners that limit sexual satisfaction. To help our readers overcome this critical issue, we have outlined various proven ways that are bound to bring novelty and a new passion for your romantic life.

By boning up on the aforementioned tips, you can multiply excitement and satisfaction every time you bed with your romantic partner. Lastly, we believe that sex dolls can provide you satisfaction in a myriad of ways and you’re doing something wrong and if you’re unable to achieve it – which makes this article even more useful for you.

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