ZELEX Genuine Sex Doll - Ready to Ship

All sex doll orders received by the Canadian warehouse are handled, packaged, and sent out within 1-3 days with normal delivery within 3-7 days. Currently, only the ZELEX brand has warehouses in Canada. Other brands such as WM, Starpery, JY, Piperdoll, etc. do not have warehouses in Canada! We update these stock sex dolls monthly and they are ready to ship.

Purchasing Doll Accessories to Decorate Your Doll

All sex dolls located at warehouses are non-customizable. This is because these sex dolls have already left the factory and are stored at warehouses awaiting shipment to their final destination. Items that alter the appearance of your doll such as wigs, eyes, clothing, and other accessories can be purchased and shipped separately directly from the Chinese factory.


  • All our dolls are authentic and made by various brand manufacturers! You can check the verification code in the package box when you receive it. No counterfeit products!
  • We provide worry-free after-sales services. Unused dolls can be refunded or exchanged.
  • No extra charge, the displayed price of the stock doll is the final price, and no discount can be applied.
  • All sex dolls are certified by CE, FDA, RoHS and are 100 percent safe and harmless to human body.

Maillovedoll sales authentic brand products at the lowest prices. Caution! If you find lower prices than Maillovedoll the odds are they are knock-off replicas.