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JY Sex Dolls

JY DOLL focuses on the Asian fetish niche market exclusively designing Asian love dolls between the sizes of 140cm and 170cm in height. Most dolls are designed with white skin, large chest and hips, and are known for sophisticated facial features and beautifully applied makeup.

Irontech Sex Doll

Small beauty stylish looks and deep sexual channels are enough to fulfill your needs. Mini or miniature sex dolls with different sizes of breasts and pussy allows you the much-needed flexibility to carry them on longer distances.

6ye Sex Doll

6YE Doll is one of the pioneers of high-quality sex dolls in the international marketplace and have become a trusted brand for consumers in recent years. 6YE Doll offers a wide range of options aimed at meeting your various needs and focus heavily on R&D.

Climax Sex Doll

Climax Doll was founded in 2014 in Zhongshan, China and are known for their ultra-realistic designs and innovative technology. Climax Doll serves the needs of the most hardcore, fetish prone customer.

HR Sex Doll

Body sex doll is a perfect male masturbator as it is a lightweight and stands perfect for your dick. You can simply lay down straight on the bed and fuck her by inserting your dick in her pussy by keeping her perpendicular to your body position.

Zelex Sex Doll

Zelex - The company has a marketing center, R&D center, and a 2,000 square meters factory in Suzhou, Zhongshan. Such size and scale are behemoth within the industry, and outside the reach of all other competitors.

Qita Sex Doll

Within the space of just one year, Qita has managed to streamline numerous explosively popular doll designs and has positioned itself as China's number one doll manufacturer whose products continue to withstand the test of the market.

SM Sex Doll

Previously known as ``Shangmei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.,`` originally operated as an OEM for well-known sex doll brands. Following 9 years of successful OEM operations, in 2015 SMDOLL formally established its own high-end sex doll brand and has since become one of the largest sex doll manufacturers in China and a certified supplier to the world's largest sex doll forum ``TDF.``

IL Sex Doll

By upgrading to cutting-edge production technologies such as silicone materials, ultra-real painting technology, and 3D modeling, ILDoll now produces the most advanced and trendy love doll designs available on the market.

XY Sex Doll

XY DOLL is a young sex doll factory established in November 2018, it was formerly a wax figure manufacturer. Therefore, XY DOLL, with its production capabilities and artistic talent, entered the sex doll industry extremely well positioned.

Autome Sex Doll

Autome DOLL 100% maintains the appearance and personality of their associated two-dimension animation character and applies the ``The Mona Lisa Effect`` - a highly advanced technique that creates the visual allusion of doll eye contact, regardless of your position to the doll.

WM Sex Doll

WM Dolls is the industry's number one brand for high-quality TPE sex dolls. With over ten years of industry experience, WM Dolls has accumulated numerous safety certificates and patents. WM Dolls has become a well-known brand in the European, American, and Japanese market.

SanHui Sex Doll

Sanhui was established in 2010 and is located in Nanning, China. Sanhui is a high-quality sex doll manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in sex doll manufacturing. It mainly produces high-end silicone sex dolls. All silicone dolls of Sanhui are made of high-quality medical grade.
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