Besides Sex, What Else A Sex Doll Can Do?

This is a question of the near future for the sex doll industry. Sex dolls are becoming part of distinguished purposes across some significant industries. To begin with, lets have a look at the use of dolls for therapeutic reasons.

Sex dolls technically are anthropomorphic dolls created and used to generate or enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in both solo and partnered sex. The sex doll replicates the whole human body.

Sex dolls come in different genders (female, male, or trans), races (e.g., white, Asian, or African), ages (adult), body types, and skin, hair, and eye colours. High-end sex doll manufacturers offer an ample range of selection and customization, which makes it possible for its application for therapeutic reasons.

To understand and diagnose effectively what causes libido tension has been one of the prominent applications. Sex therapists are adapting to include sex dolls into their practice for both treatment and study.

Another prominent use that is catching up in recent times in retirement and nursing homes. People in retirement and nursing home desire companionship. Though they find friendship in each other’s company, it is hard to find a deeper connection.

Also at that age, it makes it practically impossible to find a partner hence having a sex doll as a companion breath in life and hope yet again.

Under the context of this topic, its important to highlight how the use of sex dolls can create resistance against rape, pedophile and other such social evils. Sex dolls are real like, with advancement in technology and creativity, it’s become now possible to have real like experience when engaging in sex with a sex doll.

Use of dolls is catching up, rampantly growing in the photography industry. Nothing can be more convincing about sex dolls slaying it in photoshoots than seeing how photographer Stacy Leigh brings the unliving beauties to life. The dolls in her photoshoot look nothing less than stunning, gorgeous ‘A list’ models. They make the outfits look incredible. Stacy’s project is called ‘Average Americans’, the shoot is designed to prove that it’s not weird to find attraction in these dolls, because they are exceptionally attractive and the controversy surrounding them and their users is just nuisance.

It is convincing that sex dolls are lovers of the future. What her photoshoot does convincingly is that it inspires belief in the viewer about the possibility of an emotional spark with them.
Another photographer that’s done a commendable work to bring out the emotions in his photoshoot is June Korea. June’s project is called “Still Lives: Eva”, he has explored loneliness using a female sex doll. In Korea’s words, “It would be impossible to live forever if you’re human, but dolls will never go anywhere. So, I thought about giving the gift of life and identity to dolls.” If you read the article on Korea’s experience with his doll Eva, you will be stunned to understand his emotional experience he has had. Its in-depth and enlightening how he was able to connect with his doll right from the moment he opened the Fed-Ex box in which she arrived.

We also think that the dolls can be amazing in trade fares and exhibitions, especially auto exhibitions. If you have witnessed one or probably seen a video on YouTube you must have seen these stunning, gorgeous models that take the stage along with the mechanical beasts. Dolls can fit in there; they can take the stage too for some amazing photographs. Sex dolls have a natural attraction that can support all major events to create or add glamour. They would fit in brilliantly in page 3 parties, networking events. Their beauty and attraction could serve the purpose of getting lamplight.

There are couples seeking to spice up their marriage & intimacy experience. Looking for an adventure to keep things safe and healthy. Sex dolls could prove to be the best option, perfectly safe and healthy. Dolls can let couples explore and add that wild spunk to their sex life, it is great to see that many couples now are opening up to the idea of experimenting. Reviving marriages, helping couples explore a deeper chemistry is a convenient, possible help that sex dolls can provide.

People who live a restricted sexual experience due to their fear around STD’s can find a safe zone here in the use of sex dolls. Psychologically they can feel absolutely safe in engaging with a doll and self-monitor the dolls hygiene. Dolls can successfully reduce the risk of STD and other sexual diseases.

Putting into context people who have experienced failed relationships, marriages usually develop natural resistance or fear sometimes. Giving a second thought to relationship, opening to the idea of having a relationship with a sex can be a positive hope. Eliminating the fear of betrayal or cheating, their trust will remain secured with their dolls. Many today are living a real and successful relationship with their dolls.

To further explore the idea & possibilities of installation of sex dolls in many phases of life, lets have a look at following listing:

  • Sex Education: truth be told, we are all aware that pictures, diagrams and other illustrations are limited in many ways when it comes to imparting sex education in various institutions. Parting the topic under two heads, one for the purpose of precaution & treatment and other for the purpose of pleasure. Sex dolls can favor the study under the second purpose in a much larger context as they are developed a replica of human body. Those who lack at the skill of pleasure, can get better by engaging with a sex doll. the use of silicon or TPE made sex dolls could come in handy. The dolls have been toned to various forms and shapes, and different parts are on sale, which can be used for education. Sex therapists can use these dolls and their various parts to pass instructions. Also, couples are at liberty to practice with a sex doll, before their real game.
  • Art Projects: we did explore two amazing projects by world renowned photographers. In a similar fashion be it fashion, jewelry, paintings, dolls can spark a great deal of life in such expeditions. Their flexibility, strong sturdy structure, real life features can give artists so much flexibility. Possibilities are limitless in terms of to what level this creativity can reach.
  • Some crazy out of the box ideas: for couples or individuals who don’t want to engage in sex but have the doll as part of their home, as a decorative feature, a sex doll can add to the beauty and aesthetics of their home.
  • Collector item: few striking experiences shared on the internet of collectors who have over the years gathered some incredible dolls. Doll collection from many countries and of different kind. The most amazing story of a collector comes from UK, a mechanic named Bob Gibbins holds a record of collecting 240 dolls. He dresses them up, takes great care of these dolls and clicks pictures with them. He takes pride in them and has found purpose and meaning in his extraordinary collection.

So all it takes is creativity actually to make sex dolls a part of various functions/purposes. These charming, attractive beauties that are quickly becoming popular around the world and are gaining acceptance in many cultures can serve a broader purpose other than just being objects of pleasure. Explore your interests and may be give a thought to having a sex doll of your own.

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