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7 Features(4-7)


Feature #4: Upgraded Hand Skeleton (They leave out no detail! It is said that the hand can aid in giving you the most pleasing ejaculation experience! )

Everyone Loves a Good Hand!

The traditional hand skeleton is made with five soft, thin wires, and do not contain any joints causing the fingers to easily bend into unnatural shapes. This ruins your experience!

Irontechdoll’s sex dolls all use an upgraded, advanced hand skeleton design consisting of 16 joints! This allows your doll to perform like a real human hand (Maybe even better in some cases 🙂 Your doll can bend fingers, have a grip, turn its wrists #no more bad hand jobs

Easy Assembly: Are you Impatient?

Feature #5: Flexible plug-in neck connector. Just click! No need to rotate like a screw.

Irontechdoll features a plug-in neck connector that secures the head by pressing down rather than rotating like a traditional connection system. Connections are simpler and more flexible.

(If you want to connect Ironechdoll’s head to other branded bodies, it is not recommended that you select a plug-in neck connector. You will not be able to connect! Instead, you can select the default M16 neck connector to be fully compatible with WM, YL, and OR dolls.)

Comparing: (On the left is the Ironechdoll plug-in neck connector compared to the traditional M16 neck connector on the right)

Feature #6: Realistic body painting (Not only to meet sexual needs, but also to provide a beautifully pleasant companion)

The Importance of Color: Mastering the Color of the Human Body

Irontechdoll vagina, anus, legs, arms, feet, hands, etc. are painted like a real human! Their makeup artists have over 5 years of art and makeup experience. They understand the body structure, color distribution, and HD color restoration

Feature #7: Irontech Dolls Come in a Complete Set with all the “bells and whistles.” Buy an Irontech doll and you won’t have to worry about stains, cracks, and makeup removers as this is all followed by your purchase.

Less Hassle, More Love-making

Irontechdoll comes in a complete set. All purchases come with TPE glue, TPE decontamination agents, cleaners, and oil removers. No extra time is required in purchasing these items separately.

TPE Doll Stain Remover:

Take the appropriate amount of stain remover and apply it to a stain. Once applied leave to dry (you will see the color turn) Multi-use may be required for larger stains

TPE Glue

Use a cotton swab, take the appropriate amount of glue and apply to any cracking areas. Press and hold for 5 minutes. Make sure the glue is dry before removing pressure.

TPE Doll Cleaner

Apply an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to a cloth or gauze. Wipe the surface of your doll clean. Once clean, you can apply her doll powder.

TPE Doll Makeup Oil Remover
Use makeup cotton or cotton swab, apply the appropriate amount of makeup remover and wipe away your doll’s makeup. After wiping her clean, apply her doll powder.


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