The height of 80-100cm is higher than that of the Mini sex doll. They have angel-like faces, soft skin, strong breasts, and elastic buttocks. It’s all because of the best materials. So you don’t have to worry about its quality. You just need to use it and enjoy your life. And there are many kinds of sex dolls in the height of 80cm-100cm for you to choose from. For example, anime sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, lesbian sex dolls, and so on.
Now, stop hesitating and take her home!

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Did you need your sexual partner which could fulfill your desire and could take your big dick in pussy for countless nights and days? Well. If this is a situation, our TPE sex doll would this favor to you. She would love your cock the way she has never loved anything else. 88cm-100cm sex doll is made purely and entirely for you. Her all holes are made for your mighty dick. Her pussy is soft, her anal channel is perfect, her lips are brownies and fair but she is not happy with all this. She needs your bed and deep throat monstrous dick for pleasure. 88 cm Sex doll seems to be small, but the way she would make you happy cannot be stated in words. Similarly, a 100 cm sex doll is famous among those who have a huge cock and they are looking for a small pussy to rip it apart, to make it red with the thrust and push of their dick.

Such is the making of our 100 cm love doll that her blonde hair would require holding the baby girl from them before putting the dick in anal channel in doggy style. Her shriek would mesmerize you. Her jiggly wiggly body would turn you wild. Use a belt or something hard to spank on the butts and boobs of the doll while fucking and I am telling you, she is going to fell in love with that. These love dolls are available in Silicone and TPE material. You can use both of them. Flexibility, reliability, and softness of them is unmatchable and the material that is used is laboratory tested and verified. It is recommended and have better impacts on the body of your bedroom partner.