7 Latest Sex Dolls That Highly Recommended For 2021

In 2021, Mailovedoll introduced many sex dolls of different styles. Now, Mailovedoll will recommend the seven most valuable sex dolls for you.

  1. Blonde Cougar Small Tits Sex Doll Bonita 166cm

This doll is manufactured by AF. She is perfect for those who like small breasts and a well-proportioned body.

Every detail of the doll is perfectly designed and sculpted by the makeup artist, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, and the color of the mouth.

The well-proportioned body, pink nipples, and natural skin make the doll look very natural, realistic, energic, and sporty. Many customers love her and rank her with the highest five stars.

Now she is on sale for just $1,199. Use the code “love dol” for a 10% off discount, which means you only pay $1079 to bring her home.

  1. Perfect Blonde Small Tits Sex Doll Bonnie 172cm

This is a newly released sex doll from WM. The doll is fully based on a real young American woman, with a blonde ponytail, perfect small breasts, and a well-proportioned body. With a white condole top and a super short hot pant, she looks really like a 20-year-old beautiful Lady who is passionate and energetic.

She wants to be loved everywhere, such as on the floor or on a sofa.

WM’s dolls are always expensive, but the price of this one is only $2,299.

Use the code “love dol” for a 10% off discount, and the final price will be $2,069. Order now!

  1. Chinese Dating Slut Small Boobs Sex Doll Amber 167cm

This doll is also from AF. She is in Chinese style, meanly because of the green embroidered cheongsam on her well-proportioned body.

She has gloomy eyes and a slowly burning cigarette, which make her look like a young wife with some trifles in her mind. Probably she is expecting to be loved.

In my opinion, she should have long black hair, which will highlight her character as a young Chinese wife. Of course, the short hair also makes her energic.

The price is also very affordable, as low as $1,199. dollars.

Use the code “love dol” for a 10% off discount, and the final price will be $1,079. You deserve it!

  1. Big booty BBW sex doll Anny 163cm

Normally we do not recommend BBW dolls because they are very heavy (with an average weight of 50 kg). You must be very strong to handle the BBW doll. However, we recommend this one simply because she is beautiful.

This BBW doll is featured with huge breasts, an oversized hip, and thick thighs. The doll is tough enough for customers who like violence.

The brown skin makes the muscle lines more obvious and gives people a sense of firm, healthy, and energy.

Again, we recommend this doll. If you are strong enough, she will be your best choice.

You may concern about the price. Can you imagine the doll is as low as $1,709? Place an order now if you like her!

  1. Male sex doll Warrior Charles 162cm

This is a male sex doll recommended for female customers.

I believe many people have seen the movie ” Spartan 300 Warriors “. You must feel the warrior’s bravery, fearless and at the same time admire their perfect figures such as bronzed skin, huge chests, and strong thighs.

Do you wonder how good they are in bed? Haha. Now you have caught the Warrior Charles’s attention. Come and check out our Warrior Charles sex doll.

His deep eyes and bandaged body make him like a warrior who just survived a battle and looks for your comfort.

Warrior Charles sex doll is as low as $1,499. Does it make you more tempted? Go and get one now!

  1. Big Breasts MILF Cougar Sex Doll Fronde 163cm

Do you like mature and sexy women?

If the answer is yes, a MILF sex doll would be your perfect choice.

Our MILF sex doll Fronde is already staring at you. Her transparent halter dress, and huge but slightly sagging breasts, make her super sexy and attractive.

Look, she has been waiting for you in bed for a long time. Her expectant eyes are looking at you. Now it is time to release your passion!

Does the price of $1,399 help you make a decision right away?

Wait, enter the promo code “love dol” for a 10% discount, and you only pay a final price of $1,259!

  1. Realistic red hair muscular sex doll Ruth with 163cm

Many people love muscular women. However, there are very few of them in the real-life, especially if you want to have sex with them.

Now you can check out our BBW muscular doll Ruth, who has well-defined muscle lines, huge hip & thighs, developed calf muscles, strong arms, and drooping breasts due to excessive weight.

No matter how rude you are, she can easily handle it. You do not have to worry about breaking her apart.

She is in short tangerine hair, energic and lively. She is ready to serve you at any time.

When it comes to the price, Ruth is as low as $1,250.

For just $1,250, you will get the strongest woman in the world who will fulfill all fantasy you have. Place an order now!

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