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Asian black hair big boobs sex doll Jill with 111cm


Cute big boobs small sex doll Eudora with 128cm


Japanese Teen Sex Doll Norah 135cm Cute Realistic Love Doll


Black big boobs small sex doll Ingrid with 122cm

$880.00 $850.00

BBW Fat Redhead Sex Doll Anya 118cm

$2,275.00 $1,820.00

Cute Asian Teen Sex Doll Macie 130cm


Cute Small Sex Doll 120cm


Cute Young With Big Breasts Sex Doll Corrie 140cm


Double Ponytai Mini Sex Doll Manda 130cm


High Quality Beautiful Teen Sex Doll Santana 130cm


Life Size Cute Flat Chest Sex Doll Kellee 130cm


Realistic Cute Loli Mini Sex Doll Tyesha 120cm


Realistic Sexy Mini Sex Doll Lady 130cm


Reality Big Boobs Asian Sex Doll Flora 140cm

$1,309.00 $1,299.00

Redhead Cute Teen Sex Doll Tonie 120cm


Schoolgirl Young Small Sex Doll Meghann 130cm


Short Hair Chinese Teen Sex Doll Kellye130cm


Young Mini Sex Doll Tiesha 120cm


118cm -140 cm Sex Dolls

There are many types of sex dolls from 118cm to 140cm. You can find sex dolls that look very cute, young and shy sex dolls, and mature puma sex dolls. If you like sex dolls with big breasts or sex dolls with big ass, you can also find them here. Of course, 120cm, 130cm and 140cm sex doll is also the best choice.

Mailovedoll uses medical-grade TPE or silicone to make these sex dolls with a height of 118cm-140cm. Therefore, we can guarantee that the quality and safety of sex dolls are the best. Now, choose one of your favorite sex dolls and play with her.